Dragonfly larger view
size: 36 x 53 in. / 91.5 x 134.6 cm
medium: oils and acrylics on woven strips of paper mounted to canvas on unstretched canvas
date: 2013
price: $1,200


Information about this item / Mas informacion:

Years passed after the initial endeavor;
Only silence and almost forgotten had it not been for her size;
And after finally locating a place for her within a space too small for much else, her awkward placement reminded me often that closure was long over due;
You can only put things off for so long before their gentle call becomes a relentless nagging;
She became that and more when I moved her into the open where I couldn't ignore what I had started;
And then she blossomed with the attention she craved and deserved;
Years of silence erupted into a triillion crystals of light, love and appreciation

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