India was created after a year of refining the path that finally came to me, in all actuality, the latter part of 2009. Although I hadn't fully realized it, I knew that I was very close to something that was specifically designed for me. By the end of 2011 and into 2012, that something became IT.

With the start and continuation of my ELEMENTS project, as well as my other passion projects (My Paper Bag Company), I had finally found direction.

That direction came from within: more than nurturing my identity as an artist, it came from nurturing my spirit; acknowledging my pains and insecurities; embracing my solitude and seeing it not as a punishment, but as a necessary component in healing a wounded spirit and gaining the necessary strength and perspective to release all the things that I allowed to keep myself from living up to my true potential. In releasing the unnecessary, I am able to focus on more important matters and a meaningful impact within my relationships, my work and in my own spirit, as well as allow for room to receive and process the impacts from daily interactions. Only then, was I able to recognize my creative identity.

When I watched a documentary on India, I sensed an accord with her story and my own. Thus, the creation of Elements- India seemed to correspond with my spiritual evolution.

Elements are planted in your life and seem insignificant at the time, and then sometimes re-emerge as being fundamental in the development of something quite special later on. The central image was inspired by a drawing of an eye that I had done years ago; it was part of something that I had done and then when it came time to move and get rid of things, the eye became a momento of a work I'd forgotten about, yet I would carry it with me wherever I moved to. It had been floating around for some time and I wanted to include it in something, and finally visiualized this eye as part of a design for a peacock.

It seemed quite obvious that after a bit of research into the origin of the peacock what my next panel would be.

In addition to the spirituality of the country, the colors and music are quite engaging. The peacock's tail is comprised of a musical staff, and the eyes, its notes. Also included are the five elements: Earth, Wind, Fire, Water and Ether that I painted into the top and bottom borders; the side borders exhibit the beautiful lotus.

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