Italy is a panel that I was inspired to add to this series mainly because of my interest in the arts in general.

From a young age, I looked to Da Vinci and Michelangelo, (first Buarnorotti and years later, Caravaggio) to learn to draw. I loved the studies even more than the finished masterpieces.

I cannot explain it, I always felt an affinity toward Italy and all of it's grandeur and elegance; it's hard to discuss anything about Italy without focusing on it's long and influential history in the arts.

I chose to use the light at the center of this composition and create drama around it using the nudes and the robust columns that direct your focus toward the center as Italy had been- a dominant figure in high art, fashion, theater... I wanted to focus on the center.

In general while working on this series, documentaries serve as surrogates in place of not being able to visit the locations. From the good ones, I'm able to draw out the essence of my subjects in combination with my personal interest and imagination.

Here is a list of a few films that I found either informative and enjoyable:

VALENTINO The Last Emperor - a film by Matt Tyrnauer
POMPEII: Back From the Dead -directed by Paul Elston and Steffan Boje
SECRETS of the DEAD: Lost Ships of Rome

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