Tribute to the Rhino

I've always been drawn to the rhinoceros as a sort of 'power animal', but even the most powerful creatures are vulnerable and need to be protected and cared for.

The rhinoceros is in danger of extinction due to the loss of habitat and increased poaching to feed the demand of their horns. Without the aid of national parks and reserves, survival for this amazing species is almost impossible. There is a conservation organization called WWF, around since 1961, that is working to strengthen protected areas in Africa and Asia in the effort to stop illegal trade of rhino horns.



CORD SELECTIONS; if you wish to use item as a pendant, just specify "Pendant" and color of cord/chain when checking out and item will be sent to you with both the key ring and the cord selected as noted in examples below at no additional cost.

ex: BRLY tells me to send a Yellow Braided Leather Cord; SR is red suede; WCY is a yellow Wax Cord. Please view options from menus below:




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BRAIDED LEATHER length 17.5", thickness 4mm

SUEDE length 18", thickness 2.5x3mm

WAX CORDS length 18", thickness 2mm