An explaination for my motif which can also be found in the presentation of one of my projects, My Paper Bag Company:

WARP AND WOOF is loosly defined as the foundation on which something is built. The intersection of this structure is the inspiration that I am using for everything relating to MilagrosArt. In weaving, the yarns that are stretched and lined up parallel to one another are called warp yarns. The yarn is pulled over and under the warp yarns is called woof (this yarn is also known as weft) forming a strong foundation. The tighter the weave, the stronger the resulting fabric.




CORD SELECTIONS; if you wish to use item as a pendant, just specify "Pendant" and color of cord/chain when checking out and item will be sent to you with both the key ring and the cord selected as noted in examples below at no additional cost.

ex: BRLY tells me to send a Yellow Braided Leather Cord; SR is red suede; WCY is a yellow Wax Cord. Please view options from menus below:




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BRAIDED LEATHER length 17.5", thickness 4mm

SUEDE length 18", thickness 2.5x3mm

WAX CORDS length 18", thickness 2mm