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When I was starting out, I confess to a certain hunger that attributed to my inspiration;
Thankfully, I still feel that hunger;
It's waking up each morning with my soul stirring with anticipation and knowing that if I don't move,
I'll have missed out on the feast.

With every death, a new birth;
With the close of one chapter, a new beginning;
Let us not focus on the number of losses, failures or good-byes we've suffered through,
but how much we continue to give and love,
and our seemingly undiminished capacity to give that love,
and how tremendously good we are at it;
Smile, this is for you.

The most important things to do are to breathe, focus and have faith; let the universe take care of the rest.

There's absolutely no turning back now!

Natural Connection, clay print 2004 by Milagros Melendez 6.1.13 Reflection of Current Events:

The image that I selected for this reflection is titled Natural Connection; it is a clay print created for the poster project, “Yo! What Happened to Peace” in California, d.2004.

Regardless of the date or place, those in power seem to believe that the use of force against those that approach difficulty in a peaceful manner will deter them from standing up for what they believe;
They don't realize that their force only strengthens the resolve of those they try to crush

When the Wave Breaks, preparation photo and text, 2013 by Milagros Melendez 5.20.13 Ooooh, this is what I love-- getting in it;
My hands, my feet, fingers and toes all stained with paint;
Unsightly but worth it

Sprout, photo and quote, 2013 by Milagros Melendez 4.29.13 Wherever I am planted,
I will grow.

Every now and then I stall;
I have 100 excuses for not beginning,
but everyone of them fail in comparison to my fear;
And then I remember that I've always managed to find something of value
in every one of my mess-ups, whenever that was the case;
so then I let go and dive in

Anything that is significant to you deserves to be nurtured and loved. There's only so much talk about an idea that one can do before it grows stale, or worse yet, becomes someone else's idea. At some point, you just have to dive in and make it work.

Soul Journey, 11x14 in., art work and quote by Milagros Melendez 4.1.13 Journey
I've learned that the experiences that I went through alone were designed for me to mend my spirit, strengthen it and find the clarity necessary to move forward.

3.24.13 Your experience leads to understanding great declarations!
I am amazed at how we are able to communicate with the universe. Whatever your intention, when speaking from the heart sincerely and for the benefit of others, the universe responds with guidance necessary in achieving your goal.

3.16.13 A Reflection of Current Events:
Everyday will test your sincerity;
those days that seem cloudier,
and things don't turn out as you had hoped
are the ones that reveal your truest heart.

Focus cover, photo and quote, Mar. 6, 2013 by Milagros Melendez3.3.13 Nothing is ever quite as straight forward as it seems at first thought, and then you dive in and become frightfully aware of all the hidden details.
How important something is to you is determined by your follow through; even if it means that you might not see the light of day for some time.

Don't Walk, FLY, new t-shirt design, Feb. 24, 2013 by Milagros Melendez2.24.13
Revealing one of my newest ideas for a t-shirt design. It may need some refining, but I present to you one of my core beliefs in the pursuit of happiness. Don't Walk, FLY

while waiting for a flight to Poland, Feb. 2013, photo by Milagros Melendez 2.15.13- Inspired by one of my photos taken while waiting at JFK Airport for a flight to Poland
Travel!! every opportunity you get; I recommend it. Even if the conditions are not optimum, and the circumstances leave much to be desired, just turn off the expectations and go. Something wonderful will come of it. Deep down, just have faith.

Don't be foolish and ignore the ranting and raving that you're experiencing in your heart. If it feels as though it's about to explode, it's trying to tell you something very important and it's best that you LISTEN.

1.6.2013- Taken from my description on the creative approach of My PaperBag Company
It begins with a word or phrase, and from there a vague idea in my mind's eye begins to develop. It's a little blurry at first, but slowly begins to come into focus. Sometimes I only see one color; other times I see several colors and forms... What size is this form best presented? What textures and fabrics compliment these colors?

Last Full Moon of 2012 by Milagros Melendez 12.27-28.2012- LAST FULL MOON
Hers is a face that I've grown accustomed to;
my beacon, my guide;
never a night passes that I don't look for you;
and when you reveal yourself, a sense of discovery washes over me;
Everything stops!
As if caught in a momentary trance,
I spend a little extra time, longer than usual,
I gaze and marvel at your magnificent glow

12.16.12- Newtown and Acts Against the Innocent
We should be working to bring out the best in ourselves and others. It takes an incredible amount of energy and focus for one to be so resolute in choosing to do harm and cause destruction; now imagine how much can be accomplished if, somehow, that energy was channelled into finding constructive solutions that are beneficial to others and one's own mental state. Of course it takes time to build something, but it's worth it, and it's worth aspiring to each day; we have to have something to live for.

11.20.12- Laughter, Best Medicine
If laughter is considered to be the best medicine, then I believe that being able to laugh at yourself is one of the healthiest approaches to maintaning a balanced perspective of self.
Portraits by Milagros Melendez

11.6.12- RILKE
Every now and then I flip through a few pages of this book that was given to me years ago, and I find something relevant to my present state of mind. This is Rilke's response to a young poet's reaction of a critic's introduction to a work he showed interest in:

"Works of art are of an infinite solitude, and no means of approach is so useless as criticism. Only love can touch and hold them and be fair to them.- Always trust yourself and your own feeling, as opposed to argumentations, discussions, or introductions of that sort; if it turns out that you are wrong, then the natural growth of your inner life will eventually guide you to other insights. Allow your judgments their own silent, undisturbed development, which, like all progress, must come from deep within and cannot be forced or hastened. Everything is gestation and then birthing.

..patience is everything!"

Rilke, Rainer Maria. Letters To A Young Poet. Trans. Stephen Mitchell. New York: The Modern Library, 1984. Print.

10.21.12- Already Equipped
Dese cuenta de que a pesar de los obstaculos, esta equipado con todo que necesitas para seguir adelante ~~~~ realize that regardless of the obstacles, you're equipped with everything you need to keep moving ahead/ uphill rockstacle cartoon
Portraits by Milagros Melendez

8.21.12- By Design photo/quote
By Design photo and quote by Milagros Melendez

10.9.11- Mirror Image- Life Imitates Art view more Clay Prints
Mirror Images- Life Imitates Art, art work and photo by Milagros Melendez

Core Beliefs and Inspirations that are Foundations of my Work
My aim is to project the respect and wonder that each subject impresses on me. It's the uncertainties that allow for limitless potential of growth and understanding, and by accepting that this notion exists, opens the possibility of constantly finding something new and beautiful about the things that we come in contact with daily including that which is most important to us.

Genuine gratitude is sharing and constantly refining the gifts you were blessed with from birth

The order of importance for me is and has always been: LOVE, then art; art doesn't exist without love, and if it does, it's empty

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